CareHome Schedule

The challenge is that care home managers or owners are being asked to provide high quality care services in an increasingly complex environment characterized by Increased regulation, staff shortages and lower government funding for social care. This has led to greater focus on operational efficiency as a solution to deliver profits and drive growth.

CareHome Schedule is a smart workforce management software solution, that enables managers to securely access their employee information and manage essential HR functions effectively. The Platform provides Scheduling, Clock In/Out, Messaging and Reporting functionalities, what eventually saves time and effort, enables greater visibility and control, reduces costs, makes reconciliation easier and workforce planning smarter. With all of that, it’s simple and easy to use.


CareHome Schedule web application’s back-end is built on Django Framework with the PostgreSQL RDBMS. Front-end app is built on the Vue.js Framework.
iOS and Android mobile applications are native on Swift and Java accordingly.


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