CityOnline Mobile

CityOnline Mobile application allows you to stay in touch with municipal utility services anytime everywhere. If the CityOnline service is available in your city then you can register and post a request about a break or inappropriate utility service functioning, e.g. your tap is leaking, no cold water at home or you got holes in the street close by your house. No need to go anywhere and fill in tons of paper documents — you open the app, describe the issue, attach a picture and submit a request, which will be definitely redirected to the appropriate service.


CityOnline Mobile is a native iOS/Android application built on Swift/Java. Back-end is a RESTful API application built on Express.js.


Swift, Java, Express.js, PostgreSQL, Sequelize ORM, Redis


swift, java, mvc, postgresql, mobile applcation, express, sequelize, agile, git