Interactive map was created for one of the international forums in Bahrain. The project was complicated by various technical limitations and client’s requirements, e.g. we could not use Google Maps because it is blocked there, the map should had been opened on 80 inch multitouch screen with the possibility to rotate popups. Another requirement was to allow users to select a language in each popup separately. It is a bespoke application and all rights belong to our respective client.


Mapbox with geodata from OpenStreetMap and AngularJS were solutions for this project taking into account all requirements. We created an AngularJS application and integrated Mapbox. Also, according to the provided design, we had to customize the map. We used a Mapbox theme and customized it as it was required.


Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, AngularJS, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, jQuery


mapbox, openstreetmap, angularjs, html5, bootstrap, css3, jquery, multitouch screen