Respons Insights

The goal of Respons Insights is to provide an insight to a client from his customers database and help him to understand who is his common customer. Moreover, the system allows a user to get new leads from all citizens of the country, who are as much similar to your current customers as possible. To achieve this Respons Insights uses huge citizens database of the country, extracts client’s datasets and uses all power of modern machine learning algorithms.


This is a bespoke system designed and developed for one of our respected clients from scratch and now we provide ongoing maintenance and adding new features. It is an interesting and outstanding project which brings a lot of experience to us. Designed as a web application (SPA) on Angular with a back-end API server, it allows a user to create custom dashboard and analyze different segments of his customers separately or compare them with each other.


Node.js, Angular, PostgreSQL, Google Charts library, Scikitlearn, machine learning


Node.js, Angular, PostgreSQL, Chart, SPA, Dashboard, machine learning, classification, clasterisation.