«SAPO» is the ERP system for facility management companies who deal with multitenant living houses. It allows to perform planning, monitoring, managing and accounting of all company`s resources including finances, staff, materials, technical documentation and so on. It has client-server modular design with more than 60 different modules. It uses Firebird SQL Server as a data storage. The application makes it possible to distinguish user`s access rights based on ACL. We designed the system as customizable solution out of the box. The installation process is fully automated. The application has a centralized license management server with administrative console. Also, SAPO provides sophisticated reports built on both in-house and 3rd party reporting components.


«SAPO» has been developing from scratch since 2003 and currently we are extending and supporting it. Currently we use Delphi 2010 and Delphi XE8 with such components as Fastreport, DevExpress, Firebird, JVCL, UniDac, Indy and some others. We also created multilingual user interface and the module for representing of important information for tenants on company’s website.


Delphi, Firebird, SQL, CORBA, SOAP, FastReport


delphi, firebird, sql, corba, soap, fastreport